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Susanna Schick is most passionate about electric motorcycles. But almost as passionate about overpopulation and water. Only, those aren't as much fun as electric motorcycles.

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A Biker Chick Runs Wild In The Fiat 500e - Gas 2

A Biker Chick Runs Wild In The Fiat 500e - Gas 2


AltCar Expo 2011 | More Players in the Game

It was nice to see so many manufacturers on hand, some with a variety of models to choose from. BMW and Fisker faced off inside, flanking the main entry with the BMW ActiveE and the Fisker...

Bmw scooters can be fun and effi article

BMW: Scooters Can Be Fun AND Efficient - Gas 2

At the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA I spoke with BMW Mottorad Vice President Pieter de Waal about where scooters fit into their lineup. He explained that scooters are an important part of their global strategy. They recognize that in megacities, scooters are the most sensible choice for...


Brammo Shatters Lap Record at the 2011 A123 Systems TTXGP ...

One year ago, I was beyond excited about the TTXGP race. It was the beginning of a new era. I rode up from LA to witness and document this world-changing event. An exciting, action-packed year has passed, culminating in a packed grid at the world final in Albacete last October. However, the 2011 season began with


Celebrating Electric Speed at the Mavizen Werkstatt Racing TTXGP ...

New Day, New Rules, New Game - Be Part of it. TTXGP Race 1 of the inaugural 2010 series will be held tomorrow, Sunday May 16th, 11:00 AM, at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. Information here. When TTXGP racer Jenn Bromme called organizer Azhar Hussain to tell him she had to bow out of the race due


CicLAvia | Los Angeles Escapes Its Cages For A Day of Biking - Gas 2

Los Angeles is the ultimate car town. Angelenos show off with their cars the way New Yorkers show off with their clothes. After all, most of us spend an inordinate amount of time on the road, and want to be comfortable while also expressing status. Ridazz Revolt However, there is a growing revolt against this car culture.

G2 brammo ragazze article

EICMA 2010: Rise of the Electric Vehicles - Gas 2

EICMA is one of the world’s largest motorcycle trade shows. Held in Milan each fall, motorcycle manufacturers release new models either here or at EICMA’s competitor, Intermot. The two shows compete for exclusives, so while TTXGP and Mavizen were only present at Intermot, Brammo was present at EICMA. Brammo was...

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Electric Motorcycles Race Against Gas For 8 Hours!

Watch the Hollywood Electrics team take full advantage of the Zero XU's swappable batteries against gas bikes in the M1GP 8 Hour Endurance race on Saturday.