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Susanna Schick

Susanna Schick is most passionate about electric motorcycles. But almost as passionate about overpopulation and water. Only, those aren't as much fun as electric motorcycles.

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6 Fun Things To Do on Earth Day in Los Angeles - EcoLocalizer

Have you made your Earth Day plans yet? I’m sure they involve riding your bike to some awesome party which will renew your faith in humanity and inspire you as never before. I know that's what I'll be doing. I'm having trouble deciding, given the wonderful array of things to do to celebrate Earth Day

A Little Green Cocktail Party in Downtown Los Angeles - EcoLocalizer

Photo Courtesy Little Green Little Green Cocktails is a group that meets bi-monthly to discuss sustainability in Los Angeles over mojitos (clearly a green drink if there ever was one!) and other green cocktails. The event is held in someone's fabulous loft at the Brewery; after you go up a million flights of steep and winding

Beverly Hills Concours D'Elegance Goes Electric with Mission One

Admittedly, there was only one electric vehicle at the Concours, but it was indeed the exotic and powerful Mission One, designed by Yves Behar. Mission Motors made a great move in showing up to this upscale $100 a head event, as this is exactly the crowd most likely to need a $68,000 motorcycle. Hey, it's

Blue Bottle Coffee and Fair Trade - EcoLocalizer

Coffee Snob Chooses Starbucks over Artisanal Blue Bottle! OK, I must admit, I'm not a coffee snob. If it's thick as tar and wakes me up, it's coffee. However, I know others who are. Especially here in San Francisco. I heard a lot of buzz about this

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Proves Everybody Walks in LA

Ever since I moved to the Old Bank District, I've been in love with Art Walk. It's on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and the streets of my neighborhood really come alive. All the best food trucks are out, there are street musicians, hordes of people representing all tribes of LA milling happily about.

Los Angeles County's Worst Fire Ever Finds Redemption Through Art

Mary Clark-Carmago's tile Phoenix made with materials found in the Deukmejian Wilderness Park, also benefits the park. 100% of proceeds from the sale of all 149 pieces in the group show goes to cleaning up and restoring the parks. The Art From The Ashes exhibit is running through July 24th at 216 S Brand Blvd

Only YOU Can Reforest Southern California! - EcoLocalizer

I took this photograph in December when my friend Ulrich and I rode up our favorite road in the Angeles Forest Mountains. It's a great area to go riding, either by motorcycle or bicycle, and it broke my heart to see the once-lush and beautiful mountains looking so scorched and bare. Many of the roads

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railLA Inspires Angelenos to Ride The Rails - EcoLocalizer

Last week I went to the opening of this fascinating exhibit, which runs through August 28th; railLA is a working group formed by the LA chapters of the American Planning Association and the American Institute of Architects to raise awareness and get people excited about high speed rail. Above, Gunnar Hand, Chair of railLA, speaks with cyclists

Rozae Nichols and Arianna Huffington Share a Launch - EcoLocalizer

Photo Courtesy Ryan Rickett On Wednesday evening,  Barneys New York Fashion Director Julie Gilhart hosted a launch of Rozae Nichols’ new line, IAN, in conjunction with the launch of The Huffington Post’s newest local blog, Los Angeles, under Managing Editor Willow Bay. As one would expect from Barneys in Beverly Hills, it was truly a chic and

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The Great California Dust Bowl - EcoLocalizer

Yes, that's right. It's a dust bowl. Sure, it resembles a verdant field backed by an orchard in bloom, but according to the California Farm Water Coalition, it's a dust bowl. I took this photograph last month on I-5, heading back to Los Angeles from San Francisco. The whole trip via highways 101-152-5 was a