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Susanna Schick

Susanna Schick is most passionate about electric motorcycles. But almost as passionate about overpopulation and water. Only, those aren't as much fun as electric motorcycles.

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Brammo's Wicked New Empulse & Empulse R Electric Motorcycles ...

  Brammo, an electric motorcycle leader, unveiled its new Empulse and Empulse R this week in Los Angeles. Susanna Schick was at the unveiling and has more: Brammo Empulse Launch Outshines The Stars in Hollywood (via Gas 2.0)

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How Nike Considered Uses Innovation and Collaboration to Close ...

This impressive footprint is Nike's Considered Air Jordan XX3, their first basketball shoe designed using the Considered Ethos. Lorrie Vogel is the general manager of Nike Considered, Nike’s in-house sustainability think tank. She holds a degree in Industrial Design from Syracuse, and numerous patents. Her work in innovating around sustainability has helped put Nike on Fast

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Los Angeles: Clean Tech Capital of America? | Verdexchange ...

If Mayor Villaraigosa gets his way, you betcha. Interestingly enough, the artist's studio where this piece resides (under the Main St bridge) is right along the Clean Tech corridor being planned. Clean Tech Los Angeles is all about making LA a desirable place to start and grow clean tech businesses. The real growth in manufacturing

Nike's Lorrie Vogel on Closing the Loop. Part 2- The Human Impact ...

Laura Kurgan, Chris Jordan, Lorrie Vogel and Assaf Biderman - Pop!Tech 2009 - Camden, ME In Part One, Lorrie Vogel explained some of the work Nike is doing to increase recycled and organic content in their products. Our conversation continues with discussing how Nike designers are encouraged to use sustainable principles in their work. SS: You mentioned

Ray Lane on Future of EV Industry & Cleantech Investing ...

  Here's another post from Susanna Schick on what she learned over at Charged 2012 last week: Charged 2012 | Ray Lane On the Future of the EV Industry (via Gas 2.0) The

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Sport Mode on Honda Fit EV is Addictive (Driver Review ...

  Susanna Schick of Gas2 (and occasionally CleanTechnica) has had the chance to test drive the Honda Fit EV. One of the benefits of living in LA and blogging about electric vehicles, I guess. She's posted an extensive review of the Fit EV over on Gas2, including video of a test drive. Here it all is:

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Sustainable Brands 2013 Day One | San Onofre Goes Solar ...

Well, alright, it hasn't happened yet. But listening to various panelists talk about consumer research they've conducted, it's clear the public wants solar power much, much more than nuclear. Sustainable Brands 2013 launched with a day of workshops on a wide range of topics, with all sorts of interesting news. The panels I sat in

Sustainable Brands 2013 Is Approaching | CleanTechnica

This article originally appeared on Gas2. Sustainable Brands returns to San Diego’s Paradise Cove for 2013. The 4-day conference, hosted by Saatchi & Saatchi S and presented by BMWi, promises a schedule packed with compelling speakers and events. I’ve gone to many sustainability conferences, and this is the one I’ve found most beneficial and informative. The information being shared is

There's A Fortune In Your Trashcan | Sustainable Brands 2013 ...

Recycling was a big topic at Sustainable Brands this year. More specifically, how brands are making money out of trash. A perfect storm of forces has coalesced to make recycled plastics more viable than they used to be, and sometimes more viable than virgin plastics. A persistently weak economy, a generation growing up with terror

To PLA or not to PLA | CleanTechnica

[social_buttons] Editor's Note: Carrotmob is a form of consumer activism that invites businesses to compete in order to win a mob of customers. But everyone wins, because the extra money the winner makes goes toward things like improving their energy efficiency. Usually the business who promises the largest percentage of revenue from the event wins, but

Verdexchange 2012 Cleantech Conference | CleanTechnica

I spent the day at the Verdexchange conference yesterday on behalf of CleanTechnica and heard a lot of interesting news on topics ranging from ESG reporting to waste-to-energy conversion, and so much in between. Highlights included witnessing the beginning phases of California's carbon market being developed, hearing Mayor Villaraigosa freestyle at the end of his