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Susanna Schick is most passionate about electric motorcycles. But almost as passionate about overpopulation and water. Only, those aren't as much fun as electric motorcycles.

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ACT Expo 2014 Day 1: Bob Lutz Tells Us To Ride Motorcycles | CleanTechnica

ACT Expo 2014 Day 1: Bob Lutz Tells Us To Ride Moto...


ACT Expo / NGV Conference Summarized | Driving With Gas | CleanTechnica

ACT Expo / NGV Conference Summarized | Driving With...


Can The EPA Make Fracking Safe?

Don’t you hate it when people smugly tell you your EV is powered by coal? And you have to (yet again) remind them most* of the US grid is now powered by other sources, primarily natural gas? So the EPA is finally stepping up, after toxic tap water, earthquakes, and...


CicLAvia Cycles East Los Angeles

Bikocity. CicLAvia celebrated their 4th year by taking us on a 10 mile journey spanning Echo Park, downtown LA, and East LA. The first CicLAvia was on 10/10/10, the global day of action against climate change. As always, the weather was perfect and the route was fun. The best thing...


Here’s An Idea: Tax Drivers Instead Of Raising LA Metro Fares

Originally published on Gas 2. After a lovely 20 mile ride through the scenic LA river bike path, the spacious Forest Lawn Drive, the terrifying Highland Blvd freeway off-ramp and into Hollywood for a party, we decided to take the Metro home. Home is downtown Los Angeles, DTLA to the...


Here's An Idea: Tax Drivers Instead Of Raising LA Metro Fares | CleanTechnica

Here's An Idea: Tax Drivers Instead Of Raising LA M...

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How Nike Considered Uses Innovation and Collaboration to Close ...

This impressive footprint is Nike's Considered Air Jordan XX3, their first basketball shoe designed using the Considered Ethos. Lorrie Vogel is the general manager of Nike Considered, Nike’s in-house sustainability think tank. She holds a degree in Industrial Design from Syracuse, and numerous patents. Her work in innovating around sustainability has helped put Nike on Fast


InventivEnergy CEO John Keller On The Future of The Grid (CT Exclusive)

CleanTechnica was recently granted an exclusive interview with InventivEnergy CEO & Founder, John R. Keller, on what the company is up to. InventivEnergy is a full service energy consulting firm specializing in power project development and construction project management, O&M and asset management, markets, valuation and risk management, as well...


Isidore — The Cure For Black Friday Overconsumption

While millions of Americans are doing everything they can to get the latest electronics, billions of discarded devices lie waiting to become truly obsolete in dusty basements everywhere. Some are lucky enough to get donated to charities that resell them to people who can't afford the latest and greatest. But...


Smart Grid Panel Discussion -- Smart Meters, EMFs, Vehicle-To-Grid ...

Smart Grid Panel Discussion -- Smart Meters, EMFs, ...